ePublishing for Web Sites and Electronic Media

While books and newspapers will be around for some time yet, the second decade of the twenty-first century is seeing a rapid adoption of electronic means to disperse content and increasing awareness among the users of this information that they can get it on many different kinds of devices and they expect more individualization of their content and individualization in their ability to access what they want when they want.

Digital Content Creation for Global Media Access

Publishing has entered the digital age. All forms of content — written, audio, and visual — can be made available to a world-wide audience. New ePublishing offers a range of opportunities for entering this diverse digital environment.

Website Development

In today's information rich world, readers need websites that help them focus on the most useful information. Anyone can publish a blog or ebook or Facebook page, and therefore evaluation is now a key to sanity in the online arena. New ePublishing associates collect and evaluate information for others, providing relevant original content and product links on specific topics.

eBook Production

New ePublishing associates have experience with Kindle and ePUB. Ask us about who we recommend for conversion of text to ebook formats (ePUB, Amazon Kindle, .mobi, Adobe Acrobat PDF, and others). We also select relevant ebooks for websites. With the current strong shift toward electronic publishing, it may be wise to write your content in an easily adaptable form to begin with. Most of the e-reader formats that are most flexible are based on XHTML, the current standard for creating web pages for the Internet.

Vendor Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is a "win-win" situation for website publishers, e-commerce merchants, and website visitors. Website publisher who use affiliate program can their visitors by providing links to valuable products available online. While serving visitors, the website publisher also acts as as an "outsourced" marketer for the merchants, who then provide a commission to the website publisher. We can make suggestions for relevant affiliate programs for your site or blog.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We have over 10 years experience in optimizing content so that it can be found through searches. We can help website owners make content decisions so their audiences can find them. Search engines do not see content the way a human being does, and depending on the nature of a website, a search engine might not see much, or see even nothing at all. A simple test can reveal roughly how search engine friendly a website is. Just turn off all Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, images, plug-ins, and linearize all tables, and see if all the information and functionality of the site is still retrievable. This is also a test for accessibility, mentioned further along in this page.

Usability / Ergonomics

The usability of digital content determines how easily a user can navigate and understand. Particularly with websites viewed on computer screens, digital pads and cell phones, ease of use, and clear navigation is a large factor in whether a user will stay on the site. Intuitive understanding of the layout of the presentation of the material and how to navigate through it is of paramount importance. So is speed. Broadband access to a web page practically should be just a couple of seconds, and certainly not more than 10 seconds. Making web pages load as quickly as possible ensures better performance for mobile devices, and those still stuck with telephone modems. Usability, known as the science of ergonomics, is extremely important for website and device application success. And a final note on type size: Elderly users and children need at least type equivalent to about 14-point to read efficiently, While this is larger than is practical for most websites, it is a caution against making the default font size too small, it should be close to the browser default size.

Accessibility for All Users

Digital Content is now accessed on many more devices and is experienced by a much wider population than ever before. Accessibility has two aspects: device compatibility and user compatibility. With the same content being downloaded on a cell phone, an electronic book reader or pad, or on a desktop, flexibility of design is a must. Additionally users who are blind, deaf, or have other physical impairments interact with digital content as well and websites and ebooks do not always make sense to users who must access content without sight, sound, or navigate content without a keyboard or mouse. Attention to accessibility assures content can be experienced by all and generally improves usability for all users. Government laws in many countries also mandate specific levels of accessibility compliance that digital content must achieve.

Design for Electronic Media is a Complex Task

No one person has all the knowledge to successfully assemble all the factors involved in good e-design. Specialists, experts in each of these fields may need to be located and hired, especially for large expensive projects, to ensure a good chance at success. We do not claim to be able to do everything ourselves, but we can help you locate competent help in these fields.

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